All Natural Deodorant, Aluminum Free – A Healthy Deodorant GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, Organic

A Healthy Deodorant GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, Organic, All Day Protection – Natural Deodorants

dezedorantA Natural Deodorant Aluminum-Free THAT WORKS! LIVING PURE FROM THE OUTSIDE IN 
We at Silvanapure promise to deliver a new generation of healthy deodorants, rich in natural and organic ingredients, free from harsh chemicals and proven to be effective, safe and nourishing. 
What we believe: 
•Beauty should be uncomplicated. 
•Harsh chemicals have no place in your daily beauty experience. 
•Pure, essential oils and active botanicals should have a place in your beauty experience. 
•Our innovative formulas promise to lead a revolution in natural beauty. 
•Healthy equals beautiful to us. 
How we do it: 
•Through natural technology, we have replaced irritating, polluting chemicals with natural and organic ingredients. 
•Each of our ingredients is fresh and pure. 
•We’re obsessive about quality. 
What this adds up to: 
Healthy beauty products that pamper, protect and are proven to be safe and effective. That’s our promise to You. We pledge that all of our skin-loving formulas are made without harsh, irritating chemicals found in many beauty products, and are gentle enough for all skin types. 



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