Original Formula For Quick Weight Loss

This Original Formula is Back & Better than Ever

According to Dr. Simeon, a minimum of 26-days taking HCG drops are required to reset the Hypothalmus gland’s fat set-point for your body. drops              

Triu Naturals has streamlined its HCG NEW BLUE formula and focused on HCG and 3 essential amino acids. By combining the power of HCG with the 3 dynamic amino acids arginine, ornithine and carnitine you may benefit your weight-loss program by increasing your levels of fat-burning hormones and providing more nutrient delivery to working muscles.

Amino acids are the building blocks of protein, normally obtained by eating protein-rich foods such as meat, fish, dairy and eggs. Adding supplemental amounts of these amino acids in the right dosage, at the right times may help you lose weight faster than with diet and exercise alone. Always consult your doctor before taking any amino acid supplement. Read More...

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