Robot Coupe Juicer

Robot Coupe Juicer

Do You Like More Healthy Life, Then Start With Your Valid Food !

There are plenty of things you can do to improve your health, but few are as simple, inexpensive, and great-tasting as using a juicer such as Robot Coupe Juicer. Juicers also fit well into any health regimen and lifestyle – whether you’re a thirty-year couch potato just starting to shape up or an ultra-marathoner looking to boost your nutrition between hours-long training sessions, a juicer can help you get the nutrients you need to live and work out while helping you kick bad health habits.

The unique design of the feed tube does away with the need for a pusher! You can now process high volumes of top-quality juice quickly and effortlessly!


High power, low noise levels:
The powerful, resilient commercial-grade motor operates at a speed of 3.000 rpm, meaning that the juice oxidizes less quickly. The resulting juices are particularly smooth and bursting with flavour. The noise levels of the J80 Ultra are so low that it can be used right in front of the customer. Read More..


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