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Simple Being Weight Loss & Well-Being Kit

Make the decision to lose weight also be a choice to improve your total health. The Simple Being Weight Loss and Well-Being Kit contains all the essentials to not only give you results you can see, but also results that you can feel. This kit contains traditional weight loss products to help you start burning fat to produce extra energy while also improving your body’s metabolic rate. Each product in this essential kit has a specific purpose when it comes to your health.

The Simple Being Nutrition Weight Loss and Well-Being Kit includes:

  1. Simple Diet – Using one of the most popular and well-known weight loss aids on the market, Chlorogenic Acid, Simple Diet is a no-nonsense solution to burning excess belly fat by increasing your body’s resting metabolic rate and increasing energy output with just 1-2 pills per day.
  2. Slimming Smoothie – Taking in necessary calories at key times in the day is crucial to weight loss. Don’t ever miss a meal or fall into a trap of grabbing something fast and unhealthy. Use slimming smoothie as a craving stopper between big meals or as a source of lean-muscle building protein before/after a workout.
  3. Daily Personal Vitamin – We’re able to get most vitamins and minerals from food but having a perfect diet is difficult. Keeping a proper balance of nutrients while exploring a new diet or lifestyle can put extra strain on your body’s nutritional needs. Take the stress out of starting a new deit by boosting your body’s nutrient levels with Daily Personal Vitamins.
  4. Sleepy Beans – Sleep is one of the most important components of weight loss. It is the restorative properties of sleep that set our bodies into fat burning mode during the day. Don’t let a restless night cause metabolic grogginess. Sleepy Beans uses 3 studied ingredients to help you fall asleep fast and fall into a more deep, restorative sleep fast.
  5. Daily Maximizer Spray – The B-12 in Daily Maximizer Spray helps improve energy metabolism and maintain cardiovascular, brain, and nervous system. The spray delivery method means that more beneficial B-12 enters your body by going through your mouth rather than your stomach. This means you get more of the nutrients your body craves and less wasted vitamins. Read More Here…

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