Shapeology Curb Blend & Shapeology Burn Blend

Make the decision to lose weight also be a choice to improve your total health. The Shapeology set products contain all the essentials to not only give you results you can see, but also results that you can feel. This Shapeology set contains traditional weight loss products to help you start burning fat to produce extra energy while also improving your body’s metabolic rate. Each product in this essential kit has a specific purpose when it comes to your health.                                                                                                                                         


A stimulant-free way to speed up weight loss.

Shapeology Curb Blend is a stimulant-free way to get rid of stubborn fat and actually speed up your weight loss results. Curb Blend features a clinically proven ingredient, CLA, which has been shown to boost metabolism and speed up the fat burning process while preventing existing fat cells from getting any larger.




The CLA found in Curb Blend has also been shown to promote lean muscle growth while it burns off excess fat. This helps you build a well-balanced, healthy body composition while getting rid of stubborn belly fat.

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Shapeology Burn Blend is a weight loss solution formulated specifically to maximize weight loss fast! Burn Blend mimics the effects of high metabolism to burn fat more efficiently. Burn Blend utilizes a liquid formula to ensure fast delivery that you'll feel throughout your body. Shapeology Burn Blend produces maximum energy output to get you through all parts of your day. Finally see results and try a weight loss solution that you'll feel working within minutes of taking it. Feel the effects, see the results.


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