Shapeology Weight Loss Kickstarter Bundle

Are You Ready To Kickstart Your Weight Loss?

Do it the right way with the best products made by Shapeology Nutrition— the brand behind our #1 selling weight loss aid, Burn Blend. This bundle includes the 15 Day Cleanse, 24/7 Weight Loss Kit, Lean Protein, a Bulu Box Blender Bottle plus a quick reference guide for using these products together.

The Quick Guide will show you the best way to use these products together. When coupled with diet and exercise you will see a dramatic transformation in the way your body looks and feels.

Before starting a new diet, it's always a good idea to eliminate your body of toxins. This will help jump-start your diet because toxins that build up in your body can actually inhibit you from burning fat. Let Start With Weight Loss !

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Shapeology 24/7 Weight Loss Kit

This Shapeology Weight Loss kit works in concert with your body to ignite fat and see real results. Weight Loss doesn’t happen in one workout. Or one meal. It’s a 24/7 process. Shapeology covers you every hour of the day, even while you sleep. Work smarter to work harder with Shapeology.

This Shapeology Weight Loss Kit includes the fast-acting liquid delivery fat burning Burn Blend, the CLA packed Curb Blend and the nighttime sleep aid Dream Blend.

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